Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine

Shot blasting machine is a surface preparation equipment in which the steel grits/steel shots are accelerated and thrown on the surface of a material object at high speed by blasting turbines. These types of sandblasting machines are mostly used for descaling, rust removal, paint removal, paint preparation, deburring and general surface preparation before welding, cutting, machining and burning operations.

The parts to be sandblasted move with the help of roller conveyors located at the entrance and exit of the machine. Turbines are placed in the machine body at appropriate angles so that the part surface can be sanblasted from the bottom and top. The digital speed control we use in our Shot Blasting Machines can be adjusted for each loading according to the piece type and desired sandblasting surface

Advantages of the Shot Blasting Machine

  • Easy integration into existing production lines.
  • Smooth and impact-free passage of parts through the machine.
  • Reducing of operating costs.
  • Dust-free sandblasting and recycling.
  • Full automatic operation.
  • Effective abrasive recycling system
  • Durable and low maintenance machine.
  • Perfect ad smart machine control system.

Endustri GM offers you unlimeted machine options for your sandblasting work. With our experienced engineering and manufacturing facilitys, we offer technological solutions to serve your needs. Whatever your application, our qualified engineers will be offered the right industrial Shot Blasting Machine to suit your detailed requirements and provide the finishing performance you need.


Shot Blasting Machine
Shot Blasting Machine