Effective Way To Get Rid of From Rust and Corrosion
Effective Way To Get Rid of From Rust and Corrosion

What does Sandblasting Machine do  ?

Sandblasting Pots and Machines appeal to tens of different sectors. It is used for preparation before painting and coating, surface cleaning and roughening.

What does Sandblasting Machine do ,This process removes oil, dirt, rust and corrosion due to the rust and corrosion of metal materials over time and allows the metal to be used much longer under favor of the painting process.

How is sand blasting done?

The Blast Pot is made with abrasive materials called grit, which are specially manufactured. While sandblasting, both rust and corrosion with micronized dimensions on the surface of the metal are removed and the essence of the metal is revealed.

What should be paid attention to after sanding process?

The newly sandblasted metal is in fact unprotected against rust and corrosion.
Unfortunately, if a metal is exposed to a humid environment right after the sandblasting process, oxidation can occur within a few hours.

For this reason, the metal that has been sandblasted should be painted, protected and its contact with air should be cut off as soon as possible. The most important thing to do to achieve this is painting.

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The abrasives in the Blast Pot is hit to the metal surface with a high pressure air.
After this process, the metal surface wears away and at the same time, unwanted substances such as rust and dirt on the metal are also removed.
With Blast Pots, ships, oil tanks, windmills etc. can be sandblasted.

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