Especially in the industrial area humidity can cause huge problems. If this situation is not prevented or necessary measures are not taken, you can cause a situation that you can avoid to move forward and reach a level that cannot be intervened anymore. In particular, it causes corrosion to occur in industrial devices, where the humidity is mostly metal. This will also affect the lifetime of the devices, causing faster rusting and rotting.

As Endustri GM, we help you with this. In particular, we help remove moisture that is formed in the air as a result of our work and is impossible to see, and eliminate it without causing any problems in your  industrial devices. Thanks to the Dehumidification Machine, which is one of our products, it helps to extend the life of your devices without any problems, and also contributes to the increase of its efficiency. Thanks to this product you will use, a moisture balance will be created especially in closed environments. This moisture balance will also affect the stability of the environment. The device will ensure that the moisture, which is found homogeneous in the environment, is fixed and fixed to a certain rate.

The basic requirement for the Industrial Dehumidifier is a highly efficient and durable silica-gel rotor. There are many air ducts on the rotor here and these air ducts provide high efficiency in holding water vapor along with many surface areas. Silica-gel rotor is also the most essential part of the dehumidification machine to work correctly and efficiently. It is not affected in any way as there is no over saturation rate. In this way, it determines the capacity, efficiency and service life of the device.

As Endustri GM, we offer model options from 1.000 m³ / h to 18.000m³ / h. You can also choose pre-cool and after-cool versions according to your needs. It has a large air inlet grill and filters, and it can also be used indoors and outdoors. This also offers the possibility to use in more than one area. Thanks to its adjustable humidity and air outlet warning, you will also guarantee that no problems will occur.

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