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Blast Room

Endustri GM As the first step in the sector, we have the feature of being a leading company with the works we have done since. We continue to grow rapidly and decisively, as our work is aimed at being economical and keeping efficiency at the highest level. In this context, we also experience the rightful pride our customers provide to us in the point of being the indispensable name of the sector as a result of the fact that the companies that use our products see the developments they have experienced within their body as a result of the benefit they receive.

Thanks to our efforts in the field of industry, we provide both economic solutions and quality products by providing our users with the latest technology and satisfying our users over many different problems. This situation is also directly effective with the longer life of the devices they supply. Endustri GM As a result of our recent work, we ensure that especially the blast room and blasting facility needs are met. In this context, we create a strong infrastructure with the investments we make and offer it to our valuable users.

What is Sand Blasting?

Sandblasting is a method applied to eliminate oil, dirt, rust and corrosion formed over time with the effect of moisture in the air, especially on the metal. The aim here is to remove the adverse conditions occurring on the metal and to create a suitable ground for the metal to be repainted. If this is not done, these deteriorations on the metal will make the product unusable in time. This will directly affect the efficiency as it allows the device to be used for a shorter period of time.

An abrasive material called grit (sandstone) is used while sanding application. The grits in question are sprayed at speeds up to 170 m / s and foreign elements such as oil, dirt, rust and corrosion on metal are removed. There are 3 elements that speed up the consumable. These;

  • Airless turbines

  • Compressed air or

  • Electric pump (water jet cleaning)

The sandblasting performed must be done very carefully. Otherwise, no results will be obtained from all transactions. However, there are certain criteria to get the best results from the blasting process. These;

  • Machine type

  • Process parameters

  • Selected consumable

However, there are some criteria in the blast room where blasting will be performed. These criteria are particularly dependent on the cabin meeting all the necessary needs. We, as Endustri GM, provide the most useful blast room for you while at the same time helping you to achieve the highest efficiency from your work.

Important points to be emphasized in the blast room;

  • The surface abrasive material you will use during the blasting process must be selected correctly.

  • The blasting process does not require the material to be applied to be suitable for the dimensions of the room. Otherwise, the desired efficiency will not be achieved.

  • It is very important to make the correct selection (vacuum, conveyor, sweeping system) in order to evaluate the grit to be used in the blasting process at the recycling point and to obtain higher efficiency.

  • A suitable filtration system should be used.

  • Appropriate air conditioning selection should be made.

In addition to all these, it should be done well in operator selection. Remember that even if all the conditions are met in the most appropriate way, an operator who does not do his job well or who does not have enough experience will cause big problems. At best, a very low throughput will occur. In addition, the geographical location where the shot blast room will be used should be well evaluated. You should have done meticulously the necessary air conditioning works according to the humidity and temperature in the ambient conditions.

Blast Room
Blast Room