Abrasive Cleaning Tower System

Automatic Sand Blasting System

ENDUSTRI-GM equipment offers the right solution to recovering and conveying of  blast  medias,  powders, plastic pellets, grains, sands, aggregates and other bulk metarials in both cleanup and material transfer functions. The main type of industry using our equipments are blast cleaning companies, shipyards, tank cleaning companies, metallurgical plants and steel mills, foundries, power plants, cement industries, chemical industries etc. The dust in the air is collected by Vacuum Cleaner, the grit in the Stock Silo by its seperator.

Especially in inaccesable or enclosed areas such as storage tanks, box girder constructions, tank internals at shipyards etc., the equipment offers great savings in time and manpower.

Abresive Recovery Tower System

Endüstri GM Abrasive Recovery Tower System,which can be used forwide range of blasting job,recovers and seperator dust/rust from steel grit sufficiently.Tower system ,consists of combined four module ;

  • vacuum silo
  • seperator
  • storage silo
  • blasting machine

Each module is built into 10 foot frame in steel construction.Each module can be attached to the others.Thus,the tower system is combined in accordance with jobs. In this way, it has the feature of providing complete separation. Thanks to this feature, it allows the steel grit to be circulated many times. In this case, the yield is quite high.


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